Many factories today concentrate their excellence in a single field or component but are inflexible and confused by the demands for hybrid solutions (high performing sports fabric but with a sartorial-quality drape, for example). This renders the collaboration of these factories with the fashion industry slow, complex and often frustrating, subject to extended periods of trial and error.
Trinovation, on the other hand, is a product centric laboratory, committed to the experimentation and flexibility demanded by the fashion industry. The outstanding aspect of the laboratory is its ability to simultaneously work on all three parts of product innovation; material, construction and design, and understand all three in terms of a luxury sportswear final product result.
This unique structure allows Trinovation, and consequently its client, a greater degree of creativity, customization, flexibility and, importantly, efficiency.

Material Innovation:

As a product centric laboratory Trinovation always understands fabric in terms of final product: after discussion with the client it will develop custom fabrics with specific garment styles in mind. The lab is equipped with both knitting and weaving machinery as well as facilities for complex garment dyeing which further influences the way in which fabrics are developed. Trinovation’s fabric expertise lies in the sophisticated understanding of how to combine the shape-carrying elegance of natural fibers with the performance advantages given by the addition of synthetic yarns.

Construction Innovation:

The fashion industry often still privileges the image of the old tailor and the hand-sewn detail. The clothing industry in fact lags behind many others in terms of manufacturing methods: it continues to understand garment construction as a manual procedure in which cloth is held and moved under needles; the more difficult the operation, the more delicately the cloth has to be moved. This is risky (putting fingers close to the needles) and inconsistent.
Trinovation uses engineering solutions to overcome the problems of the manual manufacturing system. Good engineering is about consistency and safety: to forego the risks of having to place the fabric close to the needle for very difficult operations Trinovation has developed a proprietary multi-level template sewing system which can be operated by the worker at a safe distance from the needle. This unique system greatly increases safety, quality consistency and efficiency as well as being able to be entirely automated.
The ex-novo development of engineering solutions for clothing manufacturing also allows Trinovation to properly account for the particular qualities of next generation luxury synthetic materials (PU, polyester, high density nylon, bonded shell fabrics) and construction technologies (sonic welding, taped seams and so on). Elements that the traditional part of the industry often has great trouble handling.

Design Innovation

Design innovation is always collaboration between the client and Trinovation. Trinovation is equipped with the necessary cultural sophistication, manufacturing and fabric know-how and aesthetic training to be able to dialogue with the world’s most demanding designers and brands.